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April 17, 2006


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Wow, it is looking awesome. I love the shelves, the little jars - I love it all. And, your little furry pals seem to definitely give it the seal of approval.


Looks great, Seanna! Congratulations on getting the studio up and running!!!


LOVE the pic of the comfy kitties. My cat Max (aka Bad Cat) prefers to lie right in the middle of whatever I'm working on. It's just his style. Those KF paper holders look so much sturdier than the CH ones but I've got a small fortune invested in the CH ones so I'm gonna have to stick with them. Thanks for sharing pics! Can't wait to see it when it's all done.


It looks great! I really like those jars. DH is going to remodel our other bathroom. I think they'd be perfect in there. I hope my local store has them.

I love that big chair. It looks so cozy! It's good to see both of your kitties safe and sound too, after Leo's recent wandering.

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