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June 23, 2010


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The almost 21 year old

That is WAY cool. Glad to finally know the reason behind my not being invited, beside the fact that it's not my birthday, :).

But seriously, that looks awesome and you guys will have the best time.


I've seen that house actually. Did they say how far the 'walking distance' is from the house to the beach? And I can assure you, you won't be on the porch much....if the heat doesn't get you, the sand gnats will. ;)

Have fun!

Pam O'Reilly

Need anyone to help carry luggage, fan you, bring you beverages on the beach???? I hope you have a great time.


The mom's boss

Hey almost 21-yo - You mom has me wanting to go to the outer banks of NC so you can go there with me haha!


WOW!!! Brings back memories. Hope the girls get all settled in and love their respective schools. Love the pics. Your girls are gorgeous.

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